Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship - MWR

[quote=Dazzling Dave]Hey Everyone.

The MWR contest is on Sunday June 26th this year, and the BBQ will be on the 25th. Put it on your calendar, and make it out here to the Mall of America.

If you want to be a sponsor of the event, please send me an email. dave (at) dazzlingdave (dot) com.

I have heard from a few old time players, a couple of great judges, and many of the top players in the Midwest who will all be coming.

Hope to see you here.



Any idea if the block rooms are available yet?

No, don’t know.

Where is this held? Site doesn’t say.

Mall of America


Where is the Mall of America??

In the heart of beautiful downtown Bloomington, MN.

(Ask your travel agent, it’s a destination Mall)

Where is my travel agent?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Registration is up for those who are interested!

Note that the mwr website still contains some 2010 info, so be sure to read it carefully.
The registration and hotel info is current.

whose gonna be there? 8)




I’m such a choke artist

I have almost all of the 1A finals fs… I’ll post them up sometime tonight