Mr. Supersonic, I need some help

Ed, if you see this post, please let me know how to find the vid of that trick you did on your No Jive that your daughter named (double-something or other?). She actually comes up with the name during the vid itself. When I first saw it, my brain exploded, but I’ve been building up my fixed-axle chops on my own No Jive since then and so have been practicing it, but I need to see it again to progress. I’m not finding it on your Vimeo or Youtube accounts.

I have learned stalls from you and Doc Pop (did my first lunar landing yesterday!) and Crumbling Pagoda (awesomeness). I really love your tricks and want to add this to my list. Can you point me in the right direction?

If i were you, i’d personal message him. In the bottom of his box were his avatar is displayed and stuff theres a botton that lets you send a message directly to him. He’ll probably see it faster.