Mp3 Players

I have a $45 Best Buy Gift Card and want to buy a new Mp3 Player. I want it to be able to record from the radio, that’s a necessity.

The old I had was a SansaClip something or other, but it lasted four months and the earbud input is no longer working.

Please help me fast, I need my music.

I don’t have a new player suggestion but to revive your old player. TYou said the headpjone jack wasn’t working. Get a Q tip and some Iscypropal rubbing alchohol remove about have the cotton from one end of the Q tip and shove it in the jack and give it a good scrub then try it and see if it works.

Because hey why buy a new MP3 player when you can fix the old one and spend the money on something else.

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Do I put the Iscypropal alcohol on the q-tip?

I tried it and nothing changed

Ok then it must be really broken. I had a simillar problem and dirt can build up in the jack so that the ear buds cant connect properly.

Well good luck on your search for a new MP3 player

I found one, but I am not sure it’s got all the stuff I want. But, it’s better than nothing, I guess.