Mowl M+ bimetal yoyo

Here are my quick first impressions of the Mowl M+ bimetal yoyo.


  • I love the shape, colorway, and overall design of this yoyo.
  • It is very comfortable in the hand and has a kind of “soft-stepped W” catch zone that I really dig.
  • It has zero vibe and is rock solid stable on the string.
  • This thing is really powerful, similar to (how I imagine) the Edge Beyond.


  • You definitely feel its 66.7g weight. It’s power doesn’t come for free, and it doesn’t feel as nimble as most of my other yoyos. However, the speed and power it delivers is more than worth the “price” of feeling its mass as you play it.
  • It doesn’t bind with the kind of authority that, say, a Kuntosh does. This isn’t really that much of a con, but I think yoyos like my One Drops and G2s are spoiling me with their very active bind responses.

Overall I really like this yoyo, and it will probably get a lot of play time next to my Hummingbird and Elite 2018. However, I can’t help but wonder how it would feel if it was a couple of grams lighter. My gut tells me that tweak might turn an excellent yoyo into an amazing one (for me, anyway).


I am super super not down with these bright opposite color schemes on the Mowl M+.

Yeah, I shied away from the orange one because I had a feeling I wouldn’t get on with such bright opposing colors in the long run. That’s why I went with the green one. In person, both the green and the blue are quite dark, and almost suggest an overall dark teal colorway rather than a vivid two-tone one. What you see in the YYE photos is under extremely bright lighting conditions.