Most unresponsive plastic?

For the people here who want to stick with plastics, yet want something that’s DEAD unresponsive. I love the shape of the SPYY PRO (Makes it impossible for the string to wrap around the bearing from string contact from the walls = heaven!). Yet are there any plastics that have that same level of unresponsiveness stock?

Protostar, Counter Attack, Plastic Grind Machine, Die-Nasty, Omnicron, Cosmo, and many others.

mostly what he said

The Legacy should be added to that list as well…

Cream and Milk

i think those are derlin not plastic :wink: but they are very good yoyos

Delrin is a plastic

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Lyn Fury

Super unresponsive right out of the box.

He’s asking for unresponsive right out of the box. Lyn Fury is not.

Pocket Change is.

That’s all to do with the bearing. With a clean bearing Lyn Fury fits comfortably in the unresponsive category. Mine went completely unresponsive within the first 5 throws.

pocket change is responsive

False. Pocket Change comes unresponsive. Again, it’s all in the bearing.

Crucial plastics, but I really like the Protostar how it’s super unresponsive right out of the box and has really snappy response.