Most sold please close

Hey everyone, I’m listing some throws to make room in my collection. I’m not interested in trades at the moment. There are no prices listed so just send me your best offer. Worse I can say is no. I have listed any issues with each of them bellow. Shipping is $7. Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. New In box YYF Counter Attack

2.YYF Skyline Like New. No scratches or vibe.

  1. Scales UNPRLD Recog (sold)
    Great condition. No scratches or vibe

4.YYF Monster Edge.
Some light paint scratches noted. slight fingernail vibe. Still plays great.

5.YYF Turntable 2.0 (sold)
Like new. No scratches or vibe

6.YYF MACRO B grade (sold)
Slight scratches and vibe. Fun yoyo to mess with. Still plays good. I can throw it in with a yoyo.

  1. RCS Metal Head Sorry Grade (sold)
    The blue paint is thicker compared to the base paint so that’s why it was listed. Has a small scuff. Plays good with little fingernail vibe

  2. YYF Poly Edge. (Sold)
    Amazing condition with box. Played for a little. No Scratches or vibe.



Skyline, monster edge and counter attack still up for grabs. Throw me an offer

Please close