Most impressive slack & whip tricks?

What’s some of the most impressive slack and whip tricks?

All slack and whip tricks… but seriously, what level of trick are you wanting to learn?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I’d probably say any level of trick would be okay except the most difficult, yknow what I mean? I guess level doesn’t matter that much… Usually I can get any trick down with a little practice. :slight_smile:

What do you think is most impressive to the audience?

Well, I saw an Even Nagaio grind\slack tutorial called car wash which looked impressive, another slack trick he taught called level 100 gyrados which looks pretty bangin’ awesome😎 Jade whip, Brent stole, and hook are all pretty cool for an audience I think. Slack and or whip elements are also pretty common in longer tricks, check the expert and master sections here on yoyoexpert.
Hope that helped!

Paul Kerbel did a tutorial for a trick called pandora. It was a challenge for me to learn, but it is one of my favorites.

Gentry stein also has a trick called spandex jam. It’s not entirely a slack trick but it is still very impressive

That looks amazing, thanks. ;D

My personal favorite slack/whip truck right now is Hangtime Triangles. Kurti did a Cabin Tutorial for it recently.

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My favorite is a brent stole. Took me forever to get that motion down and was so satisfying (like hititng a suicide) when I got comsistent with it. I use it mid trick now for transitions