Mosquito + DM rings = New Breed xD
By born2curl at 2010-07-10
By born2curl at 2010-07-10
By born2curl at 2010-07-10

Kudos to Gizzyo for mashing the two together with his two hands.


Dead Smooth.

Beastly mod.

hahahahaha thats great

Wow, that is awesome! :smiley:

the best 5 minute mod ever! No glue required!


Pretty awesome.

We call it the 31337-0. Its an elite mosquito.


Me and my amazing weight ring skillz :stuck_out_tongue: .

Anyways, super smooth and really fun to play with.

AWESOME!!! :smiley:

that’s ridiculous!!!

Maybe get ahold of an SPR Spacer system and shove that in? OOOOH.

You should eliminate that lip in between the rims and the hubs. Otherwise, the string could get caught in that lip during play.

How did yo do that? Also, if you didn’t use glue,can you take it back apart and make it a mosquito again?

Looks good! It looks more like a Revolution though.

not really…

It looks more like a new breed.

…hmmm…I WANT ONE!!! lol, awsome, total awsomness. :smiley:

hey thats cool!!!

Yeah I know. I’m like, what? That’s a Mosquito?