More YoYoJams from the 2000s in my 99¢ Sale

For the past few months I’ve been clearing out some of my mid-to-late 2000s era Yo-Yos. After years of collecting I’ve decided to mainly focus on Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos rather than YoYoJam and Spyy and ThrowDown and Kyo, etc. I’m putting all these old, fun, and often rare yo-yos on eBay at 99¢ starting price.

This week I’ve got some YoYoJam yo-yos in great shape including some of my favorite YYJs like the Atmosphere and Dark Magic II. These later models have a axle system that is more durable than earlier YoYoJams (i.e. they don’t have hairline cracks) and using plastics like Celcon that also are more crack resistant. These models also have some of my favorite YYJ side caps, especially the PHENOMize, New Breed and Chaser with their reflective side caps.

Check out my eBay page for these listings:


Bump. Auctions end this evening.

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