MoonageMin's Trick-a-Week 2021 [Week #41 - 4a Off-tober (4a basics)]

Happy birthday @ryanmcg !

If you can understand the yotricks tutorial without mirroring it, more power to you! It just wasn’t computing with my head with everything “backwards” and was making it hard to understand for me personally. I know mrmatio posts mirrored versions of his videos for left-handed folk so I thought it might be appreciated here.


Im starting to get some consistency on the first hop. I’ve got the motion down for the most part and can (very sketchily) land like one in 5ish. I keep nudging the slack as I put my hand through and landing on both strings though. Havent even made an effort to learn beyond the hops lol.

Happy birthday!


I kinda liked Evan’s left handed tutorial. It seemed easier for me to follow. If he went right (left to me) I just followed left, right to him. Ha?


Haha, thanks for all the “happy birthdays”. You guys are the best.

That’s great! I assume you’re finding the second hop pretty easy? When I do the second the string flips over my NTH so quick and effortlessly I can basically just ignore it and focus on the undercut to land the yo-yo. That first one is hard though. The string doesn’t flip as quick and the yo-yo is already falling before I have the loop around my wrist. I think I need to hop the yo-yo a bit higher, but so far I keep losing the string on my NTH when I do.

I got out my Betty Galagos (Pink/Rainbow) OG Edge for luck. That’s when I got lucky and landed the first hop. Now I need to figure out how I did it :rofl:


The second hop is definitely a lot easier but still doesn’t “feel” good when I land it if that makes sense.

I just realized this as I type, but I think Im trying to do the first pops undercut too close to the yoyo. That could explain how the slack gets pushed back in the gap after its fully released during the catch…and why Im not set up as well for the second hop.


TaW #6 ZipperStalls

Looks like last weeks trick is knot HOPining.
Its February and that means we get to Fix thing up a bit :upside_down_face:. Sorry if my humor stalls. Wooden" you like me to continue…

0A can be very satisfying and very frustrating at the same time. There is a lot of flexibility in the flow of the tricks. Since i am not a expert by any means at 0A im going to try and pick tricks that will set a good foundation for the rest of the Friday’s in the year.

If you haven’t read @edhaponik
ed [...]: 0a. Check it out.

This week lets learn some basic Stalls. ZIPPER! Zipper is a repeater trick so if you know stalls let’s see some repeaters videos…if you can zipper repeat then let’s see a SBM zipper repeater as demoed by @edhoponik in the tutorial below.

Happy Fixed Friday.


Solid pick Mike!!!


Oh wow @edhaponik used to be fat I would never have imagined until I saw that :joy:

Not for Nagao anyway. I’m gonna keep working on it, maybe one day I’ll Evan be able to land it.

Sorry, I’ll see myself out.


My apologies. I’m in the middle of a move… my head is a bit scrambled…I thought it was Friday! Been carrying a wooden yoyo for 4 days i thought it was Friday x4! Wow. Sorry about that.


Not gonna lie, I had a “wait it’s Friday already?!” moment when I saw the post lol


Not gonna lie, Mike sent me a message yesterday asking if it’s Friday tomorrow (as in today) and I said yes. :rofl:


The multiple wednesday timestamps make that even better :joy:


Cheating on Fixed Feb. today to get caught up on some TaW challenges and filming.:speak_no_evil:

Anybody hit Nagao Hops yet?


Nope… but my fixy combos are coming along.
The easy OA tricks thread by @TheThrowingGnome are great.

I can’t seem to hit zipper for a repeater consistently. I can get the SBM stall but not the somersault etc…




Not quite, you have any luck?

I still can’t quite hit the first hop in the repeater. The second hop (almost the reverse of the first) I can do pretty easily. I’ve been looking at what I’m doing differently, and on the second I’m tossing the yo-yo in a much higher arc. When I try to do the same with the first, I usually miss catching the loop around my wrist, or the loop doesn’t form right. I’m getting closer, but I think it’s going to take a while.

I’m going to practice it(just the repeater) a bit every day, along with my everyday attempts at Beefhook(which is starting to pay off).


Eh was that a Duncan? Very well done bro.


Im getting closer! After the second hop I was landing in a slightly different mount than the start which wouldn’t let me do the repeater, but think I got it figured out last night. At this point I think I’ve got all the motions and its just a matter of grinding it out for a while but its a tough one


I’ll let you know when I’m done practicing today.:+1: This is my first day really giving it a go, and I understand what I need to do, but I’m having trouble casting the slack with the chop motion. Otherwise it’s great(if you overlook the main element​:smiley:)