Monthly Contests to win free string!?!? Starts tomorrow!

May first will start the date that we are going to start doing monthly contests to win free handmade J.A.M.S. yoyo string.

How to be part of this?
Easy! All you have to do is keep an eye out at the first of the month to see what the contest will be. Anyone can enter. The contests will rang from picture contests to videos to anything we can think of. (suggestions would be nice!)

The judgeing will be through an online poll posted on our facebook.

How it works will be one the first of the month the contest/rules will be released. From the 2nd of the moth to the 8th we will take entry’s. On the 9th of each month the poll to vote on will then be posted daily tell the day before the end of each month. On the last day of each month the winner will be announced and can claim their prize!

Keep an eye out for the contest/rules on facebook!

- Jake and Mazen Austin

Wow, I love the sudden burst of contests. Exciting.

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I know right?