Monkeyfinger Executive Ape Begleri New Release!

For the last 5 months MonkeyfingeR has been working on a very special project. They wanted to produce an exceptional begleri and to do so they had to go back to the drawing board. Say hello to The Executive Ape!

The Executive Ape combines multiple materials with precision machining to give you a one of a kind begleri experience. The perfect blend of style and performance!

MonkeyfingeR used Delrin for the top section of the Executive Apes. This durable machined plastic is light weight and can take plenty of abuse without showing too much wear and tear. The bottom half is machined from Stainless steel for added weight and fitted with two new smaller sized Bumperz for some added protection in play. The halves are press fit together to form the perfectly weighted begleri!

Releasing 10/25 @ 9PM EST!