(YoYoBlaze) #1

The tutorial that gives is kinda vague. anybody got a more precise tutorial for mondial?

(Eleazar) #2

I don’t have a tut but once you go into the mach5 put your through hand in the front. Once you do that pop the yoyo straight up and while the yoyo is in the air pull your throw hand towards you and your nono-throw hand away. While your doing that make sure that you cross your throw hand over your non.


Here’s Logan’s tutorial from a while back:


This one took me a really long time to get for some reason. The main thing to remember is instead of flicking your hands apart like you normally would for a pop, flick them straight up instead. When you flick them up, it’s important to immediately and smoothly cross them over (right over left). It takes a lot of practice but once you get the popping motion just keep practicing making sure that you don’t lose any strings during the crossover.