I know it’s not the most difficult trick around. But the link still says text coming soon, and the video is just a guy doing the trick in slow motion once. It would be nice to have it broken down some more.
For us beginners of course.


Watch “popnfresh”. Mondial is doing popnfresh but with only the first hop.


I checked it out, but his first words assume we know mondial, I was pretty bummed. I’ve pulled it off a few times, but it’s just not the same.


Oh really? Sorry bout that. Youtube might have a decent tut for it, but not as good as Andres tuts.


Very few tuts are as good as Andre’s.


Have you been to yet?


I’ve not, but I shall.


Rethinkyoyo is a great tutorial site. It’s on par with the best tut sites and videos out there. He really takes the time to break things down for you.


RTYY does not have a tut for Mondial.
youtube does not help AT ALL!

this is proof.


I cant get the popping motion any tips?


Spread your hands fast, and then have them switch places.


Okay bit one thing when I try to switch places the Yoyo kinda hmmm how do I say this ends in. A front one an a half mount


Make sure the throw hand goes between the nth and the yoyo. When you catch it should be in a split bottom mount.