The video for mondial on this site is just some random guy, and is, well, pretty useless and hard to follow, not to mention laggy. Could anyone post a good tutorial for this trick?


Everyone else learned form it, why can’t you? Anyway, if you want it, just look on youtube.


its not a random guy, its boulay. anyway, it took a while for me to learn it too. just mostly remember that your right hand goes above your left when you cross them. Also when your left hand goes under, the right hand hits the string. you can try doing it with a dead yoyo to try and figure it out. its hard to explain. hope this helped.


one more thing. pretty much all youtube videos for mondial are mixed up. none of them are the real mondial. there was a boulay video of it, but he did leg wrap trap! So avoid looking on youtube for it. you might want to rewatch the video on this site.