Modern Family quick yoyo moment

I don’t know how many here watch Modern Family, but my wife and I are tremendous fans of the show.

She says I am Phil Dunphy and I always say I am more of a Jay Prichet, anyway, we are watching and Phil took a yoyo out and threw in one scene.

It wasn’t a big scene or even a throw, but it was hilarious for my wife who now seems to have won the argument.

Love that show. Hilarious that she “won” through just a quick subtle moment in a scene. :smiley:

My life goal is to be more and more like Phil Dunphy in every way.

We should all be more like Phil… haha.

But yeah Greg, she is winning as I have no response now. I would date Gloria all day long though…

She’s something else, that’s for sure. :wink:



Same here