modding a yoyo for free?

Does anybody know if you can mod a Legacy yoyo for free? Like, helping it spin?

Yes. I call the mod “The Throw” very effective in making yoyos spin longer :wink:

Clean Bearing.
I think samad is trying to be funny.

But it just makes me so >:( when someone does that. ;D

Legacy bearing comes cleaned.

Samad’s right, but i also find his post a bit silly ;D

Just work on getting a stronger throw.

He’s not. For FREE to make it spin longer? Yea, get a better throw and not a dime outta your wallet.


Well what i do is for a yoyo to go faster is get some light fluid be very carful and take the fluid such as what i use paint thinner and fill cup with it and take bearing apart but you dont have to and put in paint thinner for 3 minutes then take air compressure and dry off the Paint thinner and tada! it should sleep longer

P.s. if not air compressure blow real hard on it or spin bearing on tooth pick or something

What are you looking to do you left it open to more than just spinning more???