Modded Bearings

Any1 do the concave bearing mod to duncan bearings? (standard Mosquito size) Its very thin but can be done very carefully. Mine sits nicely in the center every time. Dif-E konkave cost about 15 bux plus shipping, its worth the risk when a mosquito costs 5 bux at Walmart. I also took the shields off the bearings. When they’re in my Metal Zero or Throw Monkey, it sleeps forever.

Still bought 2 Dif-E’s from here though because they are awesome.

Yep! I think several people have used the KK in a lot of yoyos. Its actually a very popular item.

And now I can say this OldSchool! Please dont post links to other sites that sell products here at YYE or that recommend sales to other places.

I think it works in this case…right? If not, tell me, and I’ll edit it out ;D

Rofl, yes sir. If your gonna buy a KK, buy it from Andre and support this site!! :smiley:

I did buy one and from here of course. No other site is faster and ships as quickly.

But I was asking if anyone ever did their own concave mod to a normal Duncan bearing, not if they’ve used a Dif-E KK.
The one where you shave it with a Dremel and spin it on a drill.

ps. I fixed the link. I wasn’t plugging another site, just showing the bearing manufacturer. :-*

I personally have not, but here is a tutorial for anyone who wants to try it  ;):

I also just bought a Mighty Flea from here. It came in 1 and a half days!!! Awesomeness! But I broke out the big magnifier and modded the teensy weeny little bearing on that little monster. Holy moly, it doesn’t stop sleeping! Gonna buy some spares when he gets them and do it again. I’ll try to record it.