Mod Section

I think Andre’ should make a mod section.

Mod as in Modification,,8.0.html

or Mod as in Moderator? If you meant the second one, there are no moderators yet.

Mod as in modification.

Oh, we already have one. Yo-Yo Mods and Maintenance - YoYoExpert Forums

I meant mod section as in videos on how to mod yoyos by Andre’.

Oh! Sorry, didn’t know clearly what you meant :-\

The thing is, modding isn’t really very necessary. Anyway, yoyos were made to be played, you don’t need to mod them for them to be good. Anyway, There are sufficient videos on youtube to learn how to mod.

I don’t think Andre is going to make any videos about it, but a few months ago, Andre said he is making a dvd or something with tutorials to learn stuff. Who knows, modding may even be in it.