Mobius video

Hope you like it.

cool not many people do mobious tricks cool to see someone that can do a few tricks with mobius.


Moebius… Is… Awseome… nuf said.

Im learning it too. But its a bit hard to get the slip knot to pull smoothly when starting out. How do you do it so smoothly?

Do you have the slipknot over two fingers? Besides that I would just recomending watching Zammy’s mobius 101 video.

Yah, I watched that. I have it over two fingers but, It like stops up and is hard to pull it loose. ???
I’ll just practice :slight_smile:

I think a new string will help you, old string can be hard to pull.

not bad. I liked how laid back you seemed. A lot of us today are all, “How fast can I possibly go? Find out what will break the string, then back it off a bit!” Well done

Good to know, yah the string I was using was a good 2 weeks old. I’ll try… (once my silicon drys :slight_smile:

Thanks benyo and good luck potato!