MOARRR Toxic Strings!! Base and Great Whites Now Available!

Toxic Strings just sent us a big restock of base and great whites! Get em while they last!

Toxic Yellow, Radiation Orange, and Atomic Wonder!

Toxic string is 100% Polyester and is handmade and long lasting. They have a really unique feel to them and they also seem to last a very long time! Excellent for whips, slacks and anyone who enjoys throwing.

Great Whites:

Gr3at Whites are good medium/thick gauge string offering tight binds even at shorter lengths when used for 3A. Tension is top notch on this one with little fuss or adjustment. Whips and slack are a breeze as you would come to expect from a Toxic Strings product.

Picked up two packs of Toxic Base and one pack of Great Whites. My first taste of Toxic strings. The hype is real.