MK1 Exia (lowered price)

Can get more pics upon request/dm, trying to fund a yoyo I really want.
MK1 Exia - $60 shipped - good yoyo, has slight vibe but otherwise everything else seems fine from what I can tell

Plastic/Beginner Bundle - $10+ shipping - yoyos vary in condition, details below, negotiable price and some yoyos can be taken out from the bundle if u dont want, min amount that can be purchased is 2-3 diff yoyos for this bundle. good for giving out to beginners at clubs and stuff or if u just want some cheap beaters or whatever
YYF Daydream - needs a bearing but otherwise plays well
YYF DV888 - no pads and from bgrade may
CLYW Yeti - might be a fools grade, not sure
MYY Node - slight vibe otherwise pretty fine

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Speedaholic and flight sold

bump, if u order today early enough it gets shipped same day cuz Iā€™m going ot the po today