im trading a mini motu for any good yoyo… idont know that much about yoyo’s im like a advance part 1 thingy… anyway want to get rid of it. its in good shap only 1 scratch.



i’d offer my dark magic. it’s like 2 weeks old. i dont really like it. i’d be glad to trade it.


How about a Maverick come with Both sets of Spacers, and Its a metal.


idkk maybe… is their anydamage to it?


It has some dings but nothing through the anno.


srry i read online that the dark magic is way better than the mavrick.


Its not better, its preference, I like it better than the DM, its too heavy for me. No yoyo is better than another. The Maverick is underated.


how about a duncan throwmonkey


ive got a
package deal
1 shinwoo phantom
1 duncan mosquito
1 duncan throw monkey
2 duncan proyo’s

if that floats your boat

(system) #10