Mineral Spirits, Lighter Fluid and Silicone...oh my!

I was wondering what everyone’s opinion was on Lighter Fluid vs Mineral Spirits. The main reason I’m asking, is because I am currently using Lighter Fluid, but I notice that on my de-shielded A sized bearings it doesn’t seem to make that big of a difference and I was wondering if Mineral Spirits would work better. Also, what type of Silicone can I pick up from Home Depot or Lowe’s in order to re-silicone a throw with worn out pads? Thanks

I use both mineral spirits and lighter fluid. I prefer lighter fluid. I think it cleans better and it evaporates quicker.

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They all work, I use mineral spirits and it works fine. For the silicone, go to a auto parts store and pick up this. Make sure you get flowable, I got adhesive accidentally and it was horrible!


I prefer lighter fluid. I think while using lighter fluid most the time extra lube isn’t needed and it runs perfect dry.

Acetone bro. Evaporates quicker than Mineral Spirits, and it’s essentially overkill as far as cleaning goes. It will destroy most anything that should get in your bearing (granted you don’t roll your bearings around in dirt/mud or rinse them in water, lube them with spit etc)

Dangerous :o.

Dangerous is my… maiden… name… and I’m a male :o

Dangerous for him!!! ;).

Mineral Spirits is also dangerous. I prefer acetone.

Acetone can eat away the surface. But so can mineral spirits. hmmm. Just go with Lighter Fluid or Mineral Spirits for now.

Or wear a respirator, gloves, and don’t be stupid.

Awesome, thanks! Also, thanks for the advice everyone, I guess I’ll just stick with Lighter Fluid for the time being. Thanks again!

Either solvent will work, but I prefer mineral spirits. As for silicone, I prefer Permatex Red Gasket Maker, it’s not as easy to apply as flowable, but lasts much longer.

Stainless Steel is resilient against acetone.  So if your bearing is 100% stainless steel you should be okay

If your bearing was messed up, and you put it in acetone, and it’s still messed up…  it’s more than likely not the Acetone… it’s your bearing is dead.

Trust me, I have a jar of acetone that I’ve been filtering and re-using.  I clean bearings in it all-the-time.  All it usually takes is a 10 second dip in the jar.  Let me show y’all a little trick:

Got one of these:

Actually that statement would apply to any type/grade of steel bearing, as well as ceramics.

I wouldn’t say as much for that USB cable laying there though.

hehe true… don’t do it over anything that would melt from acetone lol

the point was to show the magical properties of Bobby Pins for yoyo’ing (holding bearings and getting knots out)