Milk for the Poor!

Hi, so as many of you guys know, I REALLY want a milk. The only place I can get them is off of BST from you know where and theres not many there and none have pictures and i dont wanna get scammed. If anyone has this yoyo please tell me how it plays.


If you know of any other good High-quality (i have legacy) plastic yo’s please inform me of them!

Can’t go wrong with a Milk, but good luck getting one. :-[

High quality plastic? How about the PGM?

I have/had the PGM but the axle broke and blah blah blah, but i would consider getting another one but wouldn’t want to get a yoyo that broke on me before

Dude, if your worried about getting scammed, just trade with someone with a high trading count. Also, other high quality plastics are Gung-Fu’s, Silks, and Plastic Grind Machine.