Mighty wood chip w/ super growth serum


i have made a larger/ better version of the mighty wood chip, but if i think about it… it should be called the mighty wood chunk!


That’s pretty sick, dude, what do you use to make these?


wood, a dowel, and a lathe


Cool, I’ve always wanted to make a yoyo. Thumbs Up


Sweet. I need to get my hands on a lathe…


i take woodworking class so i dont have to buy a whole lathe 8)


I wish my school had cool classes like that…

That yoyo looks so good…


(DOGS) #9

Isn’t the gap a little too big for a fixed axle? How does it play?


well, the gap size is a personal preference, and it plays pretty well (from the view of a fixed axle) this is also like a 3in1 yoyo, since i can flip the halves and stuf