Midnight One Throws.


Hey all.
I’ve decided to start filming some of my concepts at least once a week, specifically at/around midnight.

I’ve set the rules that I can only try one throw, and one combo, otherwise I have to resume trying the next day. I’ve been working a lot on my consistency, and this will help with that. All that aside, please enjoy part 1, which is a bit dated…

And here is the second one.

Edit - Part 3!

Edit 2 - Part 4, hot off the stove!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, please.


Interesting concept. I don’t think I have ever hit a trick on my first try when filming it. :-[

Overall, excellent tricks. They kinda remind me of mrmatio’s tricks.


Bumpity bump. Part 3 is here. :slight_smile:


Amazing!!! How long have you been yoyoing?


I’m… just starting my fourth year of throwing, if memory serves me correctly. C:


good tricks