Mickey Bind?

Hey, does anyone have a tut for this?

I have seen many people do it but can’t figure it out.

He does it here a lot:


Juan does it here at 40



It’s really not that hard. I could try to make you a tutorial. Hang on.

Its pretty easy actually, its hard to explain though.

If I can, I’ll make a tutorial.

That would be awesome if either of you could.

Yeah this bind is pretty weird.

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Its a little bit different from Pheenix’s way.

It is really hard to explain.

From what I can see, Juan just does a regular bind and tosses it up.

EDIT: Seems like Mickey is doing the same thing as Juan.

It looks like he swung it under his throwhand when he was in an Under Mount.

Like Samad does it at about 1:23 - 1:24?

Which one were you talking about Evan?

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Oh that. I can’t do either way but for that one you do like a regular bind but swing it first around so it’s almost underneath your throwhand. Also move your throwhand towards your nonthrowhand and using your nonthrowhand continue the swing and shoot it up into the air.

They all go up though. I guess you can vary it whichever way you may want to. I used to do this bind by just tossing it up while binding, but I thought just hitting the string looked a bit cooler/smoother. I’ve also seen other players do it the same way, so I just thought that was the same way.

If we want the definite answer, rsmod should get in here and just tell us. He knows his stuff about the Mickey bind. So I’ll leave it to him while I keep doing it my way.


Thanks guys, Got it Samad’s way and Pheenix’s.

I’m gonna make a video of the bind tomorrow, not just for you but whoever else wants to see it

If its the bind im thinking, about then it goes as such. from trapeze throw yo over index like you do in slack trapeze but instead of stopping…use the momentum of the the yo going around the index finger to shoot it up in the air. As it does that, it should bind and return to your hand downwards.

It actully sounds alot harder than it really is, it just takes a little practice keeping it lined up when your swing under and up into the string

It is different.

Not entirely in the second video he does that exact bind only he double binds it before launching it up

You swing it under your throwhand to do what I think he was talking about.

But he got it down anyways, lock thread please.