MIB Mad House Epic, Yeah3, JK, Bearings $60 SOLD! To the man who loves Chiefs'

So, just trying to get rid of some throws right now. $60 shipped takes everything.

Paypal and US only.

Text me for pics at 504-444-2877

Here’s a description of them…

Mad House Epic: MIB. Extremely unique throw,the side caps are just amazing. Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever played when you remove them though. Definitely in for a treat with this one.

Yeah3: Purple. Amazingly smooth and unfortunately outplays most Caribou Lodge yoyos that I’ve owned. Has scuffs and scrapes around the rim that don’t affect play. Great for freestyles and competitions.

Jk: Pretty cool player, basically mint with like 2 ano marks. Beadblast finish makes it great for finger grinds and palm grinds. Also plays good for horizontal play.

Bearings: 2 of them. Used for about a day. One of them I got with a Sasquatch, the other came with Spyder2.

So again, just trying to get rid of this stuff. $60 for everything.

Just send a PM or text me at the number above if interested…


Just sent you a text. Sounds like a great deal.

Sorry broham, just sold it to Links… didn’t get the text either by the way.

No big. He’s lucky, looks like you made a killer deal.