Metal Drifter Response

Hey forum-dwellers. I got a Duncan Metal Drifter from Toys R Us and I wanted to make it unresponsive so I took out a pad. I have been throwing it with one pad and I noticed that it has not worn out for the month that I have had it. I checked out the pad that I took out and noticed that it is made of a different material than a normal Duncan Silicone or Friction Sticker and it is the same material all of the way through. I am wondering if the pad in my Metal Drifter is a Dif pad.
Thank you in advance for responding to my silly questions:)

Well there is not that big of a chance that its a diff pad, they do not come standard in any of Duncans yoyos, it is most likely that you have worn down the waxy coating on the pad and that it is just the material underneath.

Quite frankly it sounds like a stock duncan sili sticker. they are the same material all the way through, Unlike the standard duncan friction sticker. The duncan sili stickers last a very long time. I’ve had them in my G&E4 for over a year, played regularly.