messed up my finger

I messed up my left index finger and basically it wont heal anytime soon and I always need to have 2 bandages on it at all times. do you guys think the duncan glove is good and does it work righty and lefty? It doesn’t say on the website which hand its for. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

i’m sorry for this post not contributing to the thread in any which way but i must ask, how did you mess up your finger? and how is it messed up?

I believe the Duncan glove can be used on your right and left hands because it only as slots for your middle, ring, and pinky fingers. Also, I have never used the glove, so I don’t know how it plays.

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i have the glove. it is for your nth so it fits both the right and the left. (it only comes with one glove) i only use it when my finger really hurts because it doesnt really help with play. if you want a glove then there is no reason to buy a duncan one. they are really expensive compared to the other ones. but they do look really cool

1 Like  I find these gloves a lot nicer and cheaper, and they cover your whole hand.

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the reason i didnt add was because its kinda gross even though you cant see a single thing on my finger, it looks normal. it used to have a “plantar wart” and it can spread even if you cant see it or anything. im just being careful but suicides (etc) are so hard with band-aids. thanks everyone!

Ah dude, I would hate to have a wart on my foot…

I’m sure a Duncan Glove would be great for this reason, and perhaps open up more speed in your playing.

I use medical tape. ;D

Plaster works well enuf

i had one on my toe and it look like something exploded or some freaky plant