Messed up a bearing with lube


I used brauns appliance oil on my bearing an since it had a really small tip, I decided not to use a needle…
Stupid idea. A lot more came out than I thought xD
I started to throw it thinking I might be able to break it all in, but after 15 minutes of play, there was no effect.

Now I was wondering, is this because I put too much lube in, or is it the problem with the Braun appliance oil. I heard one person used Braun appliance oil, but its only 1 person so I’m not sure how reliable it is…

(I know that I shoul wash the bearing out with acetone, and I already did so dont suggest it :p)


Probably too much lube. Clean it and try again.


Sorry to here about that, especially since I’m the one who told you it should be fine… But yeah it’s probably because you used too much. My buddy has used the stuff for three months and all of his bearings are fine


Nah its fine xD
I just ashed it out with acetone so there wasnt really anything at loss here :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try the braun once more, and this time, use a needle :stuck_out_tongue: