MER 2010 Who all is going?


MER 2010
Plymouth, Michigan
July 10th

Who all is going? I wasn’t sure if I could go or not, but my dad got hotel reservations already. I’m finally gonna get to go this year =D

(Mitch) #2

I was originaly going, but cant make it this year… Hopefully I can pull it off next year though…

(Chase Baxter) #3

im going :smiley:


Just 5 more days! I finally got time to make my routine. (I still have to make the prelim routine though 0_o). I’m not too cinfident with this routine. I’ve only gone through it without a mistake once, and I finished making it 2 days ago. Hopefully I can get it down though.

(Chase Baxter) #5

same here…im super scared too, my first contest and i have gotten so nervous i cant do like any of my tricks


MER day is just over 24 hours away!

(JosephP) #7

I’m going so i’ll see you guys there.


Sweet! (Im leaving for Michigan in like an hour) I’ll be the reakky tall 1j year old with the 888…