Memorial Day sale???


Is there going to be a Memoria day sale here? Has their been one in the past?


i feel like they did one last year were for $50 spent its 10% off, $100 is 15%, and $150 is %20 off


There’s usually a National YoYoDay say on the 6th of Jine. I got my eyes on a few things. 10% off goes a LONG ways on stuff!


along with 4th of july but ill make my order on yoyo day


Fixed your typo ;).


yeah starting a cart for the sale with some cash being saved for this sale hopefully i’ll be able to get this


Maybe this is my chance to get a 3a pair… Mhmmm


that’s always a good idea. i would wait till 4th of july because i know they do the setup i mentioned before for 4th of july


Your glass house seems to be very frail for tossing stones. Look before you leap. :slight_smile:


If you live in a glass house, make sure you change your clothes in the basement only.


What’s glass?


Thank you!!


Yup, guess I do…

No problem Studio42…


Dat sarcasm


There should be a stickied thread with the schedule for YYE sales, contests this year, and other stuff like that. It’s nice to plan ahead :smiley:


I agree!


If Andre tells me the sales I’ll make it ;).


it would be cool if all veterans got a 50% discount. Noe that would honor Memorial Day


Yup! Man, lucky navy throw…


Lol. Read that as vegetarians.