Melford's Throws

Just a few yoyo pics i have taken

What’s the third one?

Blue Wavelength YYF Superstar, I believe.

Just looked that up. Seems right to me. Thanks!

What’s the top one

C3 Master galaxy i believe.

whats the last one lol ;D ::slight_smile:

/facepalm Code 2 Nautilus, it says on the friggin yoyo

Why can’t I thank you on this thread?

It didn’t notify me I had comments and such sorry more pics


i know that i wanted to see your reaction ;D

Nice Bassalope and BvM Mel. Don’t you dare sell them before I can try them.

That BvM is amazing I love that color way.

Both are long gone

Thanks man is was super smooth and the blast was great

Do you cube?