Me Yoyoing With My Yuuksta.

just me yoyoing with my new yuuksta nothing impresses i have only been yoyoing for about 4 mouths DX
hope yall like it tho :smiley:

What’s the trick called at 0:48?

Monorail. Some people call it Gondola. Either way, it’s the same.

BTW, do Yuukstas grind like, really good?
What kind of finish does it have?

Nice video. I want a Yuuksta really really bad, the specs and the price are great!

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I know right? $65 is just… insane.

That was really good for 4 months. I liked the trick you did at 0:46

That was awesome for 4 months, but try to do breakaways.

is the Yuuksta a fundametal?

No, it’s just fundametal priced.

you throw it like a os yoyo… i like it

I like it, too. Looks more like a looper throw, though.




Maybe he’s scared that he might ding his yoyo when he throws a breakaway…

Or maybe he thinks it’s cooler that way? I don’t know.

It doesn’t really matter.

I cant really throw a breakaway evry time i try it truns side ways or it dies fast DX

its actually kinda fun to throw like youre throwing 4a, just throw the yoyo facing backwards

That’s what I used to do too! :smiley:

But then I practiced throwing a breakaway because throwing it forward seems illegal… FOR ME.
I don’t know, but it just feels… illegal. LOL

that trick is called somthing like gondolia or sumthing closs to that

good, but you bind it back up like every 5 secs try yoyoing more secs than that but such a good vid ;D

hey thanks ill start trying to do more tricks in a row :smiley:

Interesting throw you got there, I’ts not a big deal if you throw different though :wink: . Just try to do different tricks, you did that Triangle and his Brother like 4 times. Other than that you’re looking good!