McTwist Combo with Fries- A Yo-Yo Tutorial


Alright. This is a a bit Old, but I finished it. It was up for 2 seconds a couple months ago, but I realized my cousin messed up my entire video. I had to redo the entire thing.  :-\ Boo.

So I finished it. I aimed for a Skate it (DS Lite, I kick it old school) tutorial, you know, in the beginning where Reda teaches you your new moves… No? I thought not, not very popular.

But it’s just this Arial yellow text with Collarbone playing in the background. I thought it was the coolest thing. Clearly I was easily entertained.  :smiley:

Cool trick


Thank you. I have, like, 4 versions of it. I may or may not make a tutorial for the newer ones