Math question

Maybe I’m just dumb but I got this math question wrong:
If w>1 which is greater:
7w-4 or 2w+5

What would you guys say it is? Either can be greater, they can be equal or relationship can’t be determined.

if w=2

7(2)-4= 10

I believe the answer is 7w-4

That’s what I thought! Apparently you can’t determine it though…

I figured it would be a trick question.

Exactly. Things can never be simple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I see why it can’t be determined…

if w=1.1


Thanks! I try to take too many short cuts I think… in this case, only trying one possibility (which happened to also be 2). Better do math when I’m not tired :wink:

All you had to do was google your math question

There have been a number of problems on the net recently similar to this. Read a really good article that without information from the one who developed the equation, there can be numerous answers to many mathematical problems/equations.

On 1 < w < 9/5: 2x +5 is greater
On 9/5 < w < inf: 7x-4 is greater

I would like to take this moment to tell people still in high school that though you may not think it at this time, what you talk about in classes may actually be useful later in life :wink: Your plans may change over time and those skills you swore to never use may actually be very helpful.

Long story short, do your math homework and pay attention. Otherwise you end up asking questions like this on yoyo forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: