Masamune, Valk, Palpitation, Tons of cheap throws.Need quick sales. Price Drops.

Need some quick sales. Masamune for $110 , Palpitation $75, offer up prices on the rest of the throws in the pictures below but please refer to the sold list. Please use the current prices as a guideline for what I find somewhat acceptable in terms of prices.

SOLD: Valkyrie, MVP, Trident, G2 Warthog, Seed, K1, G.5, Draup, Ex Machina, Octavia, Code 1, Green Primo, Exceed, Ex Machina, SEED,  Perceptor, Berserker, Top Deck, T1, Pink Primo, Night Moves, Yomega and pink throw in last picture. Shipping is free in Conus.

Please also add 4% for paypal fees unless gifting.

If you buy 2 throws, I will throw in a yoyo in the last picture for free!

Check Imgur link below for the same pictures, but with the title of all the throws underneath them!

Updated my post a bit. Entertaining any and all deals! All are scuff and ding free. Please make the offer and not the other way around for now because I’m not savvy on the prices at the moment.

Changed to sell/trade

Price for stealth

Changes. Both 888 gone. New bundle price.

Tons of new throws added.

50$ for clyw avalanch?

It’s pending at the moment.

I want the puffin

What is the pink/white one in the second photo