Marquee and Background Colors. Extended Formating removal.

(Mi) #1

Is there any need for all this extended formating junk? Its so annoying.
This is pretty annoying
And this
Or this. It is all extremely annoying.

Can we please remove it? When people use it they are unknowingly making themselves look lame, and its just flat out annoying.


Oh, Really :wink:

(Mi) #3



the only issue with it is in how high can we go, which, i see you using it alot in that forum, marquee is really annoying, highlights, not so much

(Mi) #5

keep your yoyo spinning


don’t see that many posts from him, but how high can we go laggggggsssss


yea, the marquee yokaiyo uses is just seriously annoying AND lags me (crappy computer >.>)
and anyway, why do we need it? its just retarded