Where can i buy a marmot?

they are supposed to arive here soon, but a very limited number i heard

How expensive are they?

More info available later this week. :wink:

Generally they have retailed between $115, and $150, depending on certain factors.

The larger runs have been sold for $115. Most limited edition runs have been $135, and the original limited edition marmots were $150. Hope that gives you a vague idea of what to expect.


And please delete either this or your other thread. Only one of them is necessary. Maybe move this one to the Help/Recommendations section and delete the other one?

Wait, so you can’t bind or do brain twister, and you are going to get a Wooly Marmot? No… just stick with the Velocity you were thinking about getting.

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How Do you know he wants one? Maybe a friend does and was wondering, or maybe he was just curious,

I never understand the mentality of people telling others not to buy or they shouldnt buy a yoyo even with no skill…

Who cares buy what you want when you want, use what ever makes you happy. If its a Marmot that you want to learn on so be it. DO IT.


I really despise this mentality that you shouldnt do this or that… Who Cares its his money.


Most people are usually just jealous anyway.

I was just curios because everyone was talking about how good they are.

Yes they are good, but so are almost all yoyos. Plus, any trick that can be done on a metal can be done on a plastic. So don’t think that if you get it you’ll automatically be super awesome amazing. Plus, if you don’t know how to bind, it’ll be much much harder to learn, and also be necessary for such a yoyo.

Also, as a discussion point against Brett: What reasoning does he have to want a Marmot? He heard it’s “good?” No offense, but that’s not a very good reason to want to get something pretty bad. “I want to get the computer because I heard it was good” but then it turns out that it’s a Mac and, while it’s a good computer, it’s hard to use because it’s a different OS and uses different programs.

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So by buying said new computer you wont ever learn to use it? What kind of sense does that make.

Hey it may be strange at first but you will learn, just as you did when you first touched a windows machine, or what ever.

No one ever pics something up for the first time and masters it. So why not do it with something you want. Cause you think they shouldnt? Who are you?

And thats not directed at you 10101010101010010101010101010 just generalizing of course.

If you want a marmot buy one, if you dont like it trade it for something else. No harm, no foul.

Its a yoyo not rocket science.

Haha people’s reactions to my name make me laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. I definitly agree with that; go ahead and get it if you want, but just throwing this out there: I can’t remember any names, but I remember hearing stories about people that have never played football in their life, then they get to college and try out and end up starting by the first game.