Marmot or Avalanche

should i get the marmot tmrw or wait for the ava…Also does any1 know when there restocking them…dont know what to do…not a big fan of undersized throws but rele want a clyw

Don’t get a marmont if you don’t like undersized throws, also the avalanche is probably one of my favorite throws. I have a chief and an avalanche and my roommate has a bvm and an other avalanche, I prefer to throw the avalanche over pretty much any of those or the all the other throws we have.

omg ok do u know around wen they will be stocked and also i forgot a yoyo the CODE 2 how is that compared to the ava hurry need to pick one in an hour

Really haven’t tooled into the code 2 at all yet. And no idea about a restock, Chris usually responds to tweets about stuff of you asked him. Also buying one off the forums Is a great way to buy. I’ve gotten 4 of my 6 throws off the forums.

Four of ur sixs clyws and which ones did u get

I have a chief and an avalanche and I have a peak and a bassalope on their way, my roommate has an avalanche and a bvm and we’ve both bought other throws as well (both have north stars and he has a dark magic and a MVP and a popstar). Buying on the forums is super easy and a great way to get new throws.

I like the avalanche more, because the wooly marmot is way too unstable