MarkMont WIN

I have no idea if any of you have seen this but I didn’t see it posted here so I’m pretty sure someone on this site hasn’t seen it yet.

Music video for the song “Nero” by Little Tybee, starring Mark Montgomery.

If you ask me this is the greatest yoyo video of all time. Mostly because it is showcasing the player and not the trick. Notice how Mark is standing there, just closing out the rest of the world. And that is how I find myself yoyoing every day at home. I pick up my yoyo and lose track of time for an unknown amount of hours.

I have seen this on YoYoSkils, but it is so amazing I could watch it again and again. BTW, this isn’t just a WIN, its and EPIC WIN. :wink:

Such a great video. Does anyone know who’s behind it?

Great video. It also seemed to show case the interpritive break dancers… and the fire… and the hairy guy walking out of the fire… but other than that, great video! :wink:

I think this speaks to a lot of people. I have often lost track of time while I am throwing my yoyo, and I have even had people watch me without me even noticing, until they say something.