Markmont Dragon String

Does the Markmint Dragon String hold its tension well and it is good for whips?

Easily the best string I’ve ever used for whips, and I’ve pretty much used them all. It holds tension about as well as the other boutique strings on the market do.

The tension on them is very loose. They do whip very easily, they feel ‘heavy’. I find they do not hold tension very well.

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They don’t hold their tension well at all in my opinion.

But whips and slacks wise they might be the best in the market. Good pros but bad cons as well.

I’ve found that after washing them, they hold their tension much better. I just use some hand soap and warm water after about an hour of play and their good to go. It also makes the string much softer, but it still retains all of the play qualities that It’s known for.

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