Marcus Koh and Jason Cheow


Been working on a few videos lately,
C3’s Jason Cheow, a good friend of mine agreed to give me his V for Vendetta poster and some
other freebies…possibly some C3 yoyos which he has yet to give me either(what a prick!)
if I made a promo video for him, so here it is, great tricks, very fresh concepts.
Hope you guys like it!

Next up, right after shooting his video, got some requests to shoot an event coverage for Asia Pacifics
yoyo championships which I was actually kinda reluctant to because of the crappy 6 year old cam and
cellphone i used to shoot jason’s vid, but this time it was a deal with Marcus, shoot a simple teaser and
he’l lend me his awesome DSLR for the entire event. So there we go, more new concepts!

Anyway, I’l be working on the AP video, have over 50G of footage to run though, my computer’s
wrecked! Hope you guys check it out when i’m done! :smiley: