Manufacturer Official News - How It Works

Welcome to Manufacturer News

This manufacturer forum section is specifically for Manufacturers that are currently selling their products online on the YoYoExpert store. You must be a certified manufacturer to post a new topic in this area.

A few things to understand.

  • You can reply to any and all manufacturer threads posted here.
  • You can ask questions or comment on the news or release information.
  • This area of the forum is for ‘positive’ commenting only. Negative posts or criticisms about a manufacturer do not belong here.
  • Manufacturers have and reserve the right to delete or edit a post they do not like posted in this section. Manufacturers only have this power in their own threads on this board - if something you post is edited or removed it is the choice of the manufacturer to do so.
  • Manufacturers threads are for general news and upcoming release information of their yo-yos coming to YoYoExpert. Sales are not to be conducted in a manufacturer thread. Attempts to do so will be edited or removed at our discretion.

If you are a new manufacturer or not yet on YoYoExpert you are still invited to post in one of the subsections:
Up and Coming Manufacturers
Custom String Makers
Custom Accessory Makers

If you are a manufacturer and cannot post in this area please contact us.

Rules specific to manufacturers:

  • This is not a place to ‘sell’ your product directly either on the forum or via PM.
  • You cannot link directly to another store or place to directly purchase your product somewhere else.
  • You cannot advertise releases of your product at other stores (either directly or indirectly).

Thank you to all for your great contributions in making the forums a supportive and encouraging environment for all our manufacturers.
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