Making a routine

How on earth do i make a routine? That is something i hear EVERYDAY​:zap:️:dizzy_face::grimacing::smirk::tired_face::sob::scream: Lets put a stop to it!

I have been asked to do a routine for an assembly item at school. This will be my first routine, so i’m super nervous! How do i make my routine? Do i include a little talking or audience interaction?

If the whole audience can hear you if you’re speaking normally, then talk; if you need to lift your voice though, use music instead of talk. Btw, what’s the age group?

Just have flashy tricks and a recent pop song that’s been popular.

Yah^…she’s right. Keep it as dumbed down and simple as you can…Think of “Monkey Chasing Banana” as the basic Theoretical Principle.

Depending on your intention, you don’t do the same routine performing in front of non yoyoers vs in front of judges (in a contest).
I’ll talk about the contest one.
I personally listen to certain musics that I want to present myself with, the whole “feeling” thing that I want to show to the audience, then choose the music. Once I’m set with one, I’ll listen it and try imagining myself playing, which part of my trick goes where, etc. At this point if things don’t go as expected, I revert back and try another music.
Once the whole or most part of the imaginary routine done, it’s a matter of practice. Usually what I imagine is slightly different than the real thing. In 1a I found that I imagine myself playing too slow and in real life I’m actually faster. This can be overcame by adding more trick elements into the combo or just combine some combos and add some more. This is done to maximize points.
However, if you imagine yourself too fast while in real life you’re slower, it can lead to problems. Change to a slower music if you can.

it’s easy man! just get some fries, gravy, and cheese curds and mix them together!

don’t forget the brisket…, you can never leave home without it