Make a size A bearing COMPLETELY silent?

I have a Freehand Zero that I want to make silent. I mean, like, super-duper-super silent. Like how Drew Tetz’ has on his FHZs:

What’s the best way to do this? Right now my plan is to just clean it with mineral spirits and put two drops of YoYoJam lube in. Should I use a different cleaner/lubricant? Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I also have YoYoFactory performance oil and this weird Gorillius Lubricus bearing conditioner stuff. Would any of those work better?

Thanks again.

I heard the gorillus stuff makes it a little responsive before breaking in the lube then it’s dead silent after that.

Ditch the caps

I’ve noticed that using the oldschool O-ring spacers tend to be more silent for me as well

Cleaned it, lubed it with Gorillius, ditched the side-caps and have been breaking it in for the past day. It’s spinning a whole lot smoother, quieter and longer than it was before, but it’s not silent at all. Though, when I was lubing, I was worried I put too much on, so I blew the heck out of it with an air compressor. I’m gonna try cleaning/lubing it again without going crazy with the air compressor and see what happens.

In the meantime, do you guys know of any other lubes that might work better? Should I lube before or after putting the shields on? What about ditching the shields completely? Would that make a difference?

Apply lube w/the shields off.

There’s no more silent lube than the Gorillus Lubricus. It also has super-long break-in time if you put more than a miniscule amount… so yeah. What’s you’re patience level like for achieving silence? Many a time I’ve had to blow the Gorillus out or re-clean and try again with a smaller amount.

If you get just the right amount and then break it in, there’s nothing quieter, though, lube-wise.