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Word on the street has it that Duncan is releasing a new yo-yo featuring magnetic spinning hub stacks. Doc Pop snapped a photo with his IPhone and had it on his Nationals photo blog. Perhaps this is made with the intention of tricks similar to here:

Duncan Magnet Proto

See all the pictures from Doc Pop’s Photo Blog up at:

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where could you get one of these cause magnetic spinning hubstacks…WOW


Its called the Praxis. Protos were available on the Duncan site.


the Praxis proto was not magnetic.
Zachary Lytle came up with it using two YYF G5’s with a modifacation.
he has made a lot of cool magnetic 3A tricks.
I don’t know if it is ever going to be produced.


man, THAT, is such a cool idea! that video dominates!

(Chris Allen) #5

The Praxis was originally slotted to have magnets, but an inconsistency in production made Duncan decide to make the Praxis magnet-less. From when I last heard a few months ago, Zach was working with Duncan on a different design that involved magnets.