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Word on the street has it that Duncan is releasing a new yo-yo featuring magnetic spinning hub stacks. Doc Pop snapped a photo with his IPhone and had it on his Nationals photo blog. Perhaps this is made with the intention of tricks similar to here:

Duncan Magnet Proto

See all the pictures from Doc Pop’s Photo Blog up at:

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where could you get one of these cause magnetic spinning hubstacks…WOW

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Its called the Praxis. Protos were available on the Duncan site.

the Praxis proto was not magnetic.
Zachary Lytle came up with it using two YYF G5’s with a modifacation.
he has made a lot of cool magnetic 3A tricks.
I don’t know if it is ever going to be produced.

man, THAT, is such a cool idea! that video dominates!

The Praxis was originally slotted to have magnets, but an inconsistency in production made Duncan decide to make the Praxis magnet-less. From when I last heard a few months ago, Zach was working with Duncan on a different design that involved magnets.