Mack Finley "Pretense"

(Mack) #1

Mack Finley Presents: Pretense

It’s been over a year since I’ve made a yoyo video, recently my friend Shawn and I did some filming in an old abandoned power station. Im hella rusty, It’s nothing special. But, this is the result.

Yoyos Used: One Drop Chik’s and Benchmark V’s
String Used: Toxic Strings Gr3At Whites
Music Used: Norma Jean “Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes”


Cool, but I can barely see the yoyos.

(Mack) #3

Sorry bout that :confused:
It was kind of a dark location, but that’s part of what gives it a cool feel.
Just the natural lighting of an old abandoned building. Pretty watchable on desktop/laptop at 720p